Medieval Art

Medieval Art:

The medieval art of the Western world covers a huge scope of place and time, over 1000 years of art history in, the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. It involved major art movements and periods, regional art and national , revivals, genres the artists crafts, and the artists themselves.

Art historians try to categorize medieval art into major periods and styles, frequently with some difficulty. A generally accepted scheme involved Migration Period art, Early Christian art, insular art, Byzantine art Pre-Romanesque and Romanesque art, and Gothic art, as well as several other periods in these central styles. Additionally each region, mostly during the period in the procedure of becoming cultures or nations, had its own distinct artistic style, such like Anglo-Saxon art or Norse art.

Medieval art was generated in several media, and the works that remain in great numbers include sculpture, stained glass, illuminated manuscripts, mosaics and metalwork, all of which have contain a higher survival rate than other media such as fresco wall-paintings, work in precious metals or textiles, by including tapestry. Especially in the early part of the period, works in the so-called decorative arts or "minor arts", such like ivory carving, metalwork, enamel and embroidery by using precious metals, were possibly more highly valued than paintings or monumental sculpture.

In Europe Medieval art grew out of the artistic heritage of the Roman Empire & the iconographic traditions of the early Christian church. These sources were mixed along with the vigorous "Barbarian" artistic culture of Northern Europe to generate a remarkable artistic legacy. Certainly the history of medieval art may be seen as the history of the interplay among the elements of classical, "barbarian" art and early Christian. In spite of from the formal aspects of classicism, there was a continuous tradition of realistic description of objects that survived in Byzantine art during the period, whereas in the West it seem intermittently, combining and sometimes competing  along with new expressionist possibilities developed in Western Europe and the Northern legacy of energetic decorative elements. The period ended through the self-perceived Renaissance recovery of the skills and values of classical art, and the artistic legacy of the middle ages was then disparaged for some of the centuries. In the 19th century as a revival of interest and understanding it has been seen as a period of huge achievement that underlies the development of later Western art.

Difference between Medieval art and Renaissance art:

Medieval art:

Most of religious; much targeted on creating symbols of Christian concepts/values; not concerned along with realism. Served causes: "Before a worshipper has even entered the church, he would search images of sinners and saints, of angelic beings and the punishment of the damned. All stood as a reminder of the significance of holding one's thoughts to God." Statues were flat and shallow. Bodies might be out of proportion.

Renaissance art:

Extremely focused on realism on portraying things as they look. Used linear perspective in painting. Not as targeted on religion. Often used to illustrate the beauty in nature (by including human beings). Often depicted daily life. Used shadow and light.

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