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Modern Art:

It is typically assumed as the art created from around 1900 to present, though technically Modern Art only encompasses the art starting along with Impressionism in the late 1800s to the starting of Post-Modernism in the mid-1970s. The prime tenet of Modern Art that sets it in spite of from prior art is the growing need for expressionism in art, and the falling requirements for photorealism. A thumb rule for knowing if an author is discussing Modern Art as described above, or modern art in the means of contemporary, or current, art, is to notice whether or not "modern" is capitalized. It is understood that in most of the academic publications, capitalized Modern Art refers to art from Impressionism to Postmodernism whereas lowercase modern art may be understood as contemporary art.

Modern Art was a label created in the year of 1939 by the significant American art critic Clement Greenburg. He was necessary as a critic in that he solidified and described the art movements in the year of 1940s through 1970s. Clement Greenburg believed that Abstract Expressionism, championed through Jackson Pollock, was the greatest artistic movement in his lifetime. Along Jackson Pollock and Clement Greenburg, there was a vast shift in the art world moving the center of the avant-garde from Europe to the, particularly New York City.

From the starting of Modern Art, it was identified that in this new age of art, the viewer was as significant as the creator in describing the work. For the first time, there were meanings other than what was primarily available to the eye in each of the work. A prime instance of this is "Fountain" by Marcel Duchamp. The upside down ceramic urinal signed along with the name "R. Mutt" was built to pose the question, "What is art?" The piece caused a stir in the art world while it was discarded from the supposedly injured, free entry, 1917 illustrates by the Society of Independent Artists. The "art" of this piece is not in its real physical form (as would be the matter for pre-Modern art) but in the feelings, thoughts and discussions provoked through its presence. It is the central idea in the philosophy of Modern Art.

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Probably it is more accurate to talk about the artistic movements of the time, instead of the distinct artists from different countries.  These movements include Realism, Romanticism, Post-Impressionism, Impressionism and Expressionism.


Any particular art that stresses the artist's psychological and emotional expression, frequently along with bold colors and distortions of form. Particularly and art style of the early 20th century principally followed by certain German artists.


An art movement that took its name from one specific painting by Claude Monet, Impression: Sunrise of the year of 1872.  Arising out of the naturalism of the Realists, in addition to an interest in the transitory experience of and color and light on objects, Impressionism did two different things to painting: it elevated color to the status of subject matter, liberating the artist's marks from previous craft constraints, and inadvertently it asserted painting's relationship to the flat surface.


The aesthetic arrangement of, colors, shapes and forms. (The formal elements of art)


The primary art movement of the 20th century systematically to reassess the conventions of painting since the Renaissance.  Such work is epitomized through the severe flattening of the space across the picture plane, a constantly inconsistent light source, and an imploding of the traditional fore-, middle & background areas in painting composition.


A literary & visual art movement interested in unleashing & exploring the potential of the human psyche.  Loosely depend on Freud's and Jung's both investigations in the mind, it is also direct heir of earlier Dada strategy of unlocking of the unconscious through the use of chance.

Pop Art: (Popular Culture)

The elements of society that are recognized through the general public. Popular Culture has the connection of something fleeting, cheap and accessible to all.

Abstract Expressionism:

A common appellation for the first generation American abstract painting later than the Second World War, because of the primary of and color and gesture whereas keeping consistent along with the aims of formalism (the dispersal of depth across the surface of the picture plane and the all-over application of paint).


It started as a literary movement in the late 18th century and as it came to consist of the visual arts it "caused a re-evaluation of the nature of art and the role of the artist in society". Characteristics involved: placing emotion & intuition before reason; a belief that there are critical areas of experience neglected through the rational mind; and a belief in the general significance of the individual, the personal & the subjective. Whereas later movements such like realism overshadowed Romanticism, its ideas remain continued in the later 19th & 20th centuries. Romanticism was really a reaction against the Enlightenment and "an earlier confidence in the power of cause", and romantic painters exemplify this.

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Contemporary and Postmodern Art:

Generally, contemporary art is described as any form of art in any medium that is generated in the present day. Though, within the art world the term designates art that was made during & after the post-Pop art era of the year of 1960s. In the late year of 1960s the dawn of Conceptualism marks the turning point whereas modern art gave path to contemporary art. Contemporary art is an extensive chronological delineation that encompasses enormous array of movements such as Performance art, Earth art, Neo-Expressionism, and Digital art. It is not obviously designated period or style, however instead marks the ending of the periodization of modernism.

Postmodernism is the reaction to or a resistance against the projects of modernism, and started along with the rupture in representation that occurred throughout the late 1960s. Modernism became the new tradition found in all of the institutions against which at first it rebelled. Postmodern artists required to exceed the restricted set by modernism, deconstructing modernism's grand narrative to explore politics, cultural codes, and social ideology in their immediate context. It is this theoretical engagement along with the ideologies of the surrounding world that differentiates postmodern art from modern art, as well as designates it as a unique facet in contemporary art. Features frequently associated along with postmodern art are the use of new media and technology, such as video, as well as the technique of collage and bricolage, the collision of kitsch and art, and the appropriation of earlier styles in a new context. Some of the movements commonly cited as Postmodern are: Feminist art, Conceptual art, Performance art and Installation art.

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