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Introduction of Chemical bond

An attraction among the atoms which allows the formation of chemical substances which contain two or more atoms is known as chemical bond. The bond is due to the electrostatic force of attraction between opposite charges, either between electron and nuclei or according to the result of a dipole attraction. The strength of chemical bonds alters significantly; there is "weak bonds" like dipole-dipole interactions the London dispersion force and hydrogen bonding and "strong bonds" like ionic or covalent bonds.

Because the opposite charges attract via a simple electromagnetic force, the positively charged protons in the nucleus and negatively charged electrons that are orbiting the nucleus attracts each other. An electron situated between two nuclei will be attracted to both of them. So, in which the electrons spend more time between nuclei than anywhere else in space is the most stable configuration of electrons and nuclei. These electrons are the reasons of the attraction of nuclei with each other and this attraction results in the bond. Though, this assembly cannot collapse to a size dictated by the volumes of these individual particles. Due to the matter wave nature of electrons and their smaller mass, as compared with the nuclei they occupy a larger amount of volume and by the electrons; this volume is occupied and keeps the atomic nuclei relatively far apart as compared with the size of the nuclei themselves.

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Generally, sharing or transfer of electrons between the participating atoms is associated with the strong chemical bonding. In crystals, molecules, metals and diatomic gases the atoms - indeed most of the physical environment around us- are held together by chemical bonds which dictate the structure and the bulk properties of matter.

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