Medical Lab methods

Medical Lab methods:

In medical therapeutics both diagnosis and treatment are the two significant crucial aspects. Diagnosis includes identifying or determining the nature of disease whereas treatment includes the curative aspects in order to remove the disease causing agent. The clinical laboratory tests help a physician in accurate diagnosis and treatment.


A stethoscope is employed to hear the heart beat sounds, sound due to inhalation and exhalation of air in the lungs and the respiratory pathways and also the stomach movement. It is a very helpful diagnostic tool to help localize troubles and to diagnose disease. Stethoscopes are also utilized all along with the sphygmomanometer. The primary usable binaural stethoscope was invented in the year 1855. The modern electronic stethoscopes are high precision instruments. These can be employed to hear a patient’s heart and lung clearly even in high noisy atmosphere and even via layers of clothing. The electronic stethoscopes in addition make it possible to hear the foetal sounds in mother’s womb.


                                                                         Figure: Stethoscope


1. Stethoscope aids to find normal (i.e., lub-dub) versus abnormal heart sounds (i.e., heart murmurs) and as well to diagnose valve functions.

2. Stethoscopes can point to fluid in lungs in case of pulmonary edema and pneumonia. It can diagnose airway diseases such as pleuritis and bronchitis.

3. Stethoscopes are also employed to compare the movements in the normal versus overactive or underactive intestinal area.


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