DNA-Segmenting or Fragmenting

DNA-Segmenting or Fragmenting:

DNA segmenting in genetic engineering refers to fragmentation of DNA and sequencing or mapping the DNA in terms of its nucleotide series. Chemical and enzymatic techniques are accessible for the above. As an outcome the genic and non-compartments of DNA can be recognized.

In humans, more than 300 hereditary diseases have been recognized. All such diseases have genetic background. Chromosomal aberrations, Gene mutations are the attributed reasons for the manifestation of such genetic diseases in human. Most of them are congenital in environment.

Pedigree analysis:

Dissimilar animals, controlled crosses cannot be made in humans. Therefore human geneticists, resort to a scrutiny of established mating. The scrutiny of established mating to get information around the genetic characters or traits is termed as pedigree analysis.

Pedigree chart:

Pedigree chart states the history of a character in a family. It is drawn up by employing certain standard symbols. It is also termed as the Family tree. Pedigree chart helps to recognize and imagine the course of genetic diseases in the progeny. This is particularly true of diseases like fibrosis and phenylketonuria (i.e., PKU).


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