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Organizing and Graphing Qualitative Data:

To organize any raw data, it is suggested to construct a frequency distribution table, which later on will be very much easy to study about that particular data.

Frequency Distributions:

A table that displays qualitative data is called frequency distribution table or frequency table. It displays how the frequencies are spread over different classification or categories.  For instance, the table below shows a sample of 60 housewives with their preferred electrical appliances:

503_Qualitative data.png

Relative Frequency and Percentage Distributions:

1835_Qualitative data1.png

The table below shows the Relative Frequency and Percentage Distributions for the brands of electrical appliances of which 60 randomly selected housewives prefer to buy:

2282_Qualitative data2.png

Table: Relative Frequency and Percentage Distributions for the Brands of Electrical Appliances Housewives Prefer to Buy

Graphical Representations for Qualitative Data:

Bar graph and Pie chart are the two types of graphs used to display qualitative data.

  • Bar graph / bar chart is a graph, which represent a frequency distribution. It is made by making use of bars. The height of the bars gives the frequency. The bar can be drawn either vertically or horizontally. The small gap is left in between two bars.

1453_Qualitative data3.png

Figure: Bar Chart for the above Table 

  • Pie chart is another graphical representation of qualitative data. It is round in shape and contains more than one wedge (V-shaped piece). Generally the percentage distribution is well presented by using the pie chart rather than using bar chart.

1258_Qualitative data5.png

Figure: Pie Chart for the Percentage Distributions for Table

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