Salmonellae belong to the family of Enterobacteriaceae. There are around 2000 different antigenic kinds of Salmonella. They were originally categorized as separate species. However now they are kept back under a single species termed as Salmonella enterica and there are distinct sub species acknowledged. The serotypes which infect mammals are put into a sub-species also designated as enterica. The full accurate designation is for illustration: Salmonella enterica sub-species enterica serotype typhi. However this is abbreviated as Salmonella serotype typhi or just S.typhi.


(Please note that the serotype name begins with capital letter).

Most of the serotypes are host specific. Organisms causing infections in man might not cause disease in animals and vice-versa.


Salmonellae are Gram negative bacilli, motile non spore forming, facultatively anaerobic, non-fastidious, and able to grow on relatively simple media. They are differentiated from other members of the family by their biochemical characteristics and antigenic structure. Their usual habitat is animal intestine.


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