System Level Project Planning

Introduction to System Level Project Planning

In this section, we will discuss the system level projection planning. These systems are basically the information system. Which exchange the information with each other?

Planning of an information system in business has become increasingly important during the past decade. First information is now recognized as a vital resource and must be managed. It is equal in important to cash physical facilities and personal. Secondly, more and more financial resources are committed to information system. As computer systems are becoming integral to business operations top management is paying more attention to their development. third there is a growing need for formal planning with build information system that are complex require much time like months or years to build , use common data bases, or have a greater competitive edge. The objectives are to map out the development of major systems and reduce the number of small, isolated systems to be developed and maintained. So proper planning for information systems ensures that the role played by the system will be congruent with that of the organization.

The following conditions dictate today business strategies.

1. High interest rates make it more important that business realizes a good return on investment.

2. Inflation puts pressure on profit when it occurs.

3. The growing trend toward guaranteed employment suggests that costs are becoming fixed and the commitment to business expansion may not be easily changed.

4. Resource shortages impede expansions.

5. Regulatory constraints slow entry into the market.

6. Increased productivity paves the way for expansion.

Information system embedded in an organization provides users with the opportunity to add value to products and business at lower costs. Therefore, they must be carefully planned.

A first decision to be made concerns the approach to develop the new system. As such, a number of different approaches have been adopted by various organizations. These range from the design of individual, isolated, small system to an integrated plan for a complete system. One approach is given in section 1.4.2 A second aspect of system planning relates the approach to use involvement in the development of the system. A third area which requires early consideration is whether computerization can be justified for the system. The aim of the initial study is usually to test the feasibility of the system. At a later stage a more accurate idea of the costs and benefits can be gained because more knowledge of the proposed system is available whichever approach is adopted, a decision has to be made to authorise the expensive investigation and design work. This decision will require some formal or informal assessment of feasibility.

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