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                                                                  Figure: Charles Robert Darwin

Darwinism includes the natural selection idea as advanced by Charles Robert Darwin in the year 1859. His theory sated the right idea to elucidate all procedures and intricate mechanisms of evolution. The theory of natural selection is believed on par with Newton’s law of gravitation and Einstein’s theory of relativity. The monumental work of Darwin was titled as “The Origin of species” (i.e., the original full title of the book was ‘On the Origin of species by means of Natural Selection, or the  Preservation of favored Races in the fight for life’).

The book of Darwin convincingly explains the fact of evolution. Further, it explains on the theory of natural selection as a convincing method for providing evolutionary transformations.

Charles Darwin was born in England on February 12, 1809. While studying in college at England during his friendship with Professor J.S. Henslow, Darwin became well-known with Botany. Later he accepted the job of a naturalist aboard the ship H.M.S Beagle. The ship was to spend five years, in exploration about South America (1829 - 34).

During the time period of five years, Darwin visited pacific islands and many portions of the world. He returned to England in the year 1836. Later he worked for a further period of 20 years to build up his theory of natural selection. While Darwin arranged his work for publication, a similar idea to elucidate evolution was proposed by another naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) from Malay Archipelago. Charles Darwin elegantly accepted for the publication of his theory as a combined paper with Wallace. Therefore the theory of natural selection is really titled as ‘Darwin-Wallace theory of evolution’.


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