Structured Analysis

Introduction to Structured Analysis

Structure analysis is a model building activity, being as the major in the process of analysis modelling. In this we create data, partition the data and designs the functional and behavioural models which reflect the   proper image of what must be built. It uses a combination of text and diagrammatic forms to depict requirements for data, function and it behaviour in a way that is easier to understand and much simpler to implement.

It is the job of the software engineer to build a structural model by using the requirements as specified by the customer. Furthermore, if a model could help to examine the requirements then it is highly effective. In this sense analysis model which represent a three dimensional view, is very much effective by increasing the probability of the error.  To be detected, verifying or in other sense detecting the inconsistencies and omissions, which in other models can remain uncovered. It is not a single model step. But the process has evolved over a period of 30 years, and uses the experience of various techniques that have proved to be successful over the past. The main goals same and that are to elaborate   or clarify the requirement of the software before the process of coding begins.

A system analyst is responsible to build a logical system model that could meet the needs of the requirement such that no requirement is overlooked.

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