Control Flow Diagram

Introduction to Control Flow Diagram

Control diagrams are graphical notations specially designed to represent event and control flows. Data flow is represented by solid arrow whereas control flow is represented by dashed or shaded arrow. A process that handles only control flow is known as controlled process and is represented by dashed bubble.

In some cases, multiple instances of the same control or data transformation occur. Ward and Mellor notations used to represent such multiple instances simple overlays such process bubbles to indicate multiplicity.

Hatley and Pirbhai Extensions

Unlike wards & Mellor Hatley and pirbhai expressed that dashed and solid (i.e. control and conventional data) must be represented separately. A solid bar known as CSPEC is used to reference control specification. It can be  viewed as  window  that controls the processes represented in DFD based on the  events  which  are passed through the DFD window ( processes specification) .a  data condition occurs whenever a process input results in a control  output. CSPEC contains occurs whenever a process input result in a control output. CSPEC contains several modelling tools such as process activation table which defines which process is to be activated. The interrelationship between process and control models is shown in fig 4.26

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