Network Antenna and Propagation

Introduction to Network Antenna and Propagation

People all the time had the wish to communicate their thoughts to others. Communications have not only been wished from a social viewpoint, but have been a necessary element in the construction of civilization. By communications, people have been capable to share thoughts of mutual advantage to all mankind. Early efforts to preserve communications among distance sound would carry and the complexity of hand-carrying messages over great distances hampered effectual communications.

Like the potential for the uses of electricity were discovered. Scientists in the US (United States) and England worked to build up the telegraph. The practical system firstly was developed in London, England, in year 1838. Just after 20 years, the final link to attach the main countries with electrical communications was done. The wire lines, telegraph key, use Morse code made feasible approximately immediate communications among points at great distances. Submarine cables resolved the troubles of transoceanic communications, but communications along with ship at sea and mobile forces were yet not improved. In year 1897 Marconi illustrated the first practical wireless transmitter. He received and sent messages over a distance of 8 miles. By the year 1898 he had illustrated the helpfulness of wireless telegraph communications at sea. In year 1899 he built a wireless telegraphic link beyond the English Channel. His company as well built general use of the wireless telegraph among coastal light ships (floating lighthouses) and land. The success full first transatlantic transmissions were attained in year 1902. From that time to the current, radio communication has developed at an unexpected rate. Early on systems transmits a few words per minute with uncertain reliability. Currently, communications systems consistently transmit information beyond millions of miles.

The wish to communicate directly through voice, on a higher rate of speed than possible by general telegraphy, led to additional research. That research led to the progress of MODULATION.

Modulation is the capability to impress intelligence on a TRANSMISSION MEDIUM, like radio waves. A transmission medium can be explained in smoke, light, sound wire lines or radio-frequency waves. To modulate is to impress the features (intelligence) of one waveform onto a second wave from via changing the amplitude frequency, phase or another characteristics of the second waveform.

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