Push Down Automata

Push Down Automata:

The PDA is used in theories regarding what can be estimated by machines. It is more capable in compare of a finite-state machine but less capable in compare of a Turing machine. Since its input can be described with a formal grammar, it can be utilized in parser design. The deterministic pushdown automaton can deal along with all of the deterministic context-free languages whereas the nondeterministic version can handle all context-free languages.

PDA as a state diagram:

652_push down automata.jpg

A PDA is formally described as a 7-tuple:

(Q, ∑, Δ, δ, q0, Z0, F)


Q refer a finite set of states
∑ refer a finite set which is called the input alphabet
Δ refer a finite set which is called the stack alphabet
δ refer a finite subset of , the transition relation.
q0 refer the start state
Z0 refer the initial stack symbol
F refer the set of accepting states

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