Included Applications

Included Applications:


An application can include many other applications. An included application contains its own application directory and .app file, but it is begun as part of the supervisor tree of another application.

  • An application can be included by one other application only.
  • An included application can include many other applications.
  • An application that is not included by any other application is called as a primary application.

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Figure: Primary Application and Included Applications

The application controller will be load any included applications automatically while loading a primary application, but not begin them. Instead, the top supervisor of the included application ought to be begun by a supervisor in the including application.

It means that when running, an included application is in fact part of the primary application and a procedure in an included application will regard as itself containing to the primary application.

Specifying Included Applications:

Which applications to include are described by the included_applications key in the .app file.

Synchronizing Processes during Startup:

The supervisor tree of an included application is begun as part of the supervisor tree of the including application. If there is a requirement for synchronization between processes in the including and included applications, it can be achieved by using start phases.

Start phases are described by the start_phases key in the .app file like a list of tuples {Phase, PhaseArgs}, where Phase is an atom and PhaseArgs is a term. The value of the mod key of the including application also ought be set to {application_starter,[Module,StartArgs]}, where Module as usual is the application callback module and StartArgs a term provided as argument to the callback function Module:start/2.

The needs apply to the .app file for an included application is following:

1. The {mod, {Module, StartArgs}} option ought to be included. This option is utilized to find the callback module Module of the application. StartArgs is avoided, as Module:start/2 is called for the primary application only.

2. If the included application itself has included applications, instead the option {mod, {application_starter, [Module,StartArgs]}} ought to be included.

3. The {start_phases, [{Phase,PhaseArgs}]} option ought to be included, and the set of defined phases ought to be a subset of the set of phases defined for the primary application.

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