Parasitic helminthes

Parasitic helminthes:

The parasitic worms, or helminthes, that takes place in humans include 4 major groups. They are:

1. Flatworms (i.e., phylum Platyhelminthes), the trematodes or digeneans (i.e., flukes)

2. Cestodes (i.e., tapeworms),

3. The nematodes (or roundworms; i.e., phylum Nematoda) and

4. The acanthocephalans (or thorny-headed worms; i.e., phylum Acanthocephala).


A direct life cycle is one in which the ultimate host is re-infected directly without the participation of intermediate hosts. An indirect life cycle is one in which intermediary hosts or paratenic hosts harbor one or more life history stages. The final or definitive host harbors the adult (i.e., sexual adult in the circumstance of Digenea). Intermediate hosts are those in which one or more larval phases develop as an essential part of the life cycle. A paratenic host is one in which larval phases might survive though do not usually develop; they are frequently not an essential part of the life cycle.


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