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 Why Automobile Engineering is better option for career?

Nowadays, automobile engineering have become as one of the most demanding career stream. Due to increasing and growing demand and passion on innovative and novel vehicles automobile engineers has a lot of opportunities in global workplace scenario.

Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering which combines electrical, electronic, mechanical, software and safety engineering for the development of automobiles, buses, trucks, motorcycles etc and their various sub-systems. It also deals with repairing and servicing of vehicles. Automobile engineer needs to be very innovative and creative in their work. Automobile engineer includes various domains like development engineer, product design engineer and manufacturing engineer. Manufacturing engineer is the one who design the layout and manufacture the products while product designer is working for designing and test the systems of auto mobiles. Development engineers concern with customer satisfaction.

Specializations for future engineers are -

1.      Aerodynamic

2.      Fuels

3.      Ergonomic

4.      Creation of a prototype

5.      Security and safety

Recently, demand for expert professionals in automobiles are increasing rapidly.

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