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Labor-Management Relations:

The study of labor-management relations (LMR) means to the rules & policies that govern and organize employment, how these are implemented and established, and how they influenced the requirement and interests of employers or employees. LMR has implications for the organization of work as well as economic policy. Gradually Focus has broadened from the operation and formation of national and local institutions & collective bargaining to strategic human resource policies.

Labor-management relations are the policies and practices affecting the relationship among employees & employers. These policies involve such areas as employment security, compensation collective bargaining, training, job safety, health insurance, and pensions. Additionally, labor-management relations encompasses the relationship among an organization's employees and employer, a relationship that might vary anywhere from a traditional one to one which promotes employee involvement as a method of problem solving. Labor management relations are regulated heavily in the areas of wages, hiring and pensions. However, the relationship existing among labor and management in a workplace is unregulated completely.

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Mutual Trust between Labor and Management:

The fundamental concepts of mutual trust among labor and management are: improvements in the lives of employees are realized through the prosperity of the company, and labor and management therefore share the similar goal of company prosperity as a common value; management will take into consideration to the greatest possible extent stable employment and continuously will strive to improve working conditions; and employees will cooperate along with the company's policies to promote the company's prosperity.

Basic Principles of Personnel Management:

To create a relationship of respect and mutual trust between management and labor, personnel management is conducted in accordance with four basic principles:

(1) Developing a workplace environment where employees can work with their trust in the company;
(2) Developing a mechanism for promoting constant & voluntary initiatives in continuous improvements;
(3) Completely committed and thorough human resources development; and
(4) Promoting teamwork targeted at pursuit of individual roles & optimization of the whole team.

Stable Employment:

Stable employment that ignores simple layoffs and terminations is a key pillar in the relationship of mutual trust among labor and management. Additionally the management system is largely based on bringing out to the greatest extent employee abilities, reasoning skills and creativity. As a result, a major management asset, the simple disposal of human resources, not only damages the relationship of trust, however also hinders the spontaneous display of capability by employees. Accordingly, always takes a medium- to long-term management perspective and has made the realization and continuation of constant employment through all of the possible employment policies the fundamental basis of its management philosophy.

Creating Good Workplace Environments:

To reflect opinions and ideas of employees in corporate activities, additionally to promoting communication among employees of distinct rank in the company, they consist of established Suggestion System & begun QC circle activities.

Several companies have established several hotlines for the fast & fair resolution of issues associated to gender harassment, compliance, and mental health and working conditions.

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