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It is a sort of music that began in African American communities in the southern United States approximately in the beginning of the twentieth century. It was a new fashion of music that mixes together music traditions from West Africa and Europe. Some West African musical influences give jazz its unique sound: improvising, “swinging,” by using blue notes, and combining distinct rhythms.

It is a very young genre of music which continues to and reshape and evolve itself at a breathtaking pace. Every ten years or so, jazz appear to reinvent itself; the rate of alter is astounding. It is categorized by various important elements. One is instrumentation: bass, drums, piano, saxophone, and trumpet come to mind. The other major part is improvisation. Actually it’s the strongest component of playing jazz: improvising melodic solos on chord changes. It's one of the things which truly set jazz apart.

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From it’s begin at the turn of the century, jazz has taken several different forms. You might have heard of Dixieland Jazz or New Orleans. There is also Brazilian Jazz, Afro-Cuban jazz, Free Jazz, and several other sorts of jazz. Ragtime was the primary form of jazz. Right after the Civil War, while slaves were emancipated, there were little jobs for African-Americans. Several black musicians wrote and performed their own music to build money. That’s how Ragtime was born. Scott Joplin was the One of the greatest Ragtime composers.

New Orleans was an early center of jazz. African-American jazz musicians played music in clubs & for funeral parades. Jelly Roll Morton was one of the most popular composers and performers of New Orleans jazz.

Sir Duke is Duke Ellington, one of the greatest swing jazz composers. In the year of 1930s Swing Jazz became popular and several famous jazz musicians, such like Sophie Tucker, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Lil Armstrong (Louis Armstrong’s wife), were the leaders of big orchestrasor bands who played in dance clubs. The International Sweethearts of Rhythm & Hip Chicks were two of the most popular all-women jazz bands in the year of 1940s.

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Jazz in nowadays:

In the last half of the 20th century there were several kinds of jazz hard jazz, cool jazz, and free jazz, and several great jazz composers and performers, for instance, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis.

Nowadays, Jazz can just be heard echoing in the Smokey clubs in towns such as Memphis Kansas City and New Orleans, however a new generation has started to appreciate the sounds of swing and Jazz. Bands like The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy, and the Cherry Poppin' Daddies have taken their own modern look at the drawn and genre in a much younger audience.

It is a sound which has truly influenced all kinds of music. Nowadays, electronic DJ's and rappers alike "sample" or borrow hooks from popular jazz songs. Starting in the streets of New Orleans to spinning on the turntables at parties, truly Jazz is an American art form, and one to be proud of.

Common Characteristics of Jazz Music:

Time Frame:

Consequently the evolution of the jazz genre, to describe exactly what qualifies as "Jazz" at any given point in history is absurd since it has never been one single form of music.


Early jazz before the year of 1930s is described by big bands and ragtime. The Great Depression brought on smaller bands, known as the bebop era that led to the development of the smaller groups seen in rock & roll and most modern genres.

Identifying Features:

The common characteristics of Jazz on the history of its evolution are described by syncopation, off-beat rhythm and improvisation, among other qualities.

Fun Fact:

The radical dissimilarity of early jazz from classical music made it quite scary to the many people of the time, much in the way which rap & metal genres might be considered today.


Several musicologists have speculated that jazz is a dying breed of music due to the declining popularity of the music of the bebop and wing eras. Others, however, speculate which jazz isn't dead, but has just evolved (rock & roll or rap for instance), which are certainly not dead or dying.

Different Styles of Jazz Music:

There are distinct types of jazz music, each along with their own origin and style. Jazz music is definitely different from any other kind of music and can be identified worldwide as having a uniquely American flair to it. Jazz had its starting in the United States but is now supposed to have a fine mixture of African culture thrown in with it.

There are four different parts to jazz music which include harmony, rhythm, melody and tonal qualities. No matter what kind of jazz that you enjoy you'll be capable to find a club that caters to your tastes. There are several experimental jazz venues which are popping up all over the place, by including several European cities where all kind of music are welcomed and appreciated.
One jazz style is called the Work Song. This is upbeat & rhythmically fast because it was used to make the work day go by faster.

The Work Song is repeated much time and isn't supposed a modern form. This jazz tends to be related with African American music. It's perhaps the rhythmic beat which makes it the least popular jazz style today.

New Orleans Jazz is another style that had its starting in the early year of 1890's American history. This began marching songs and gospel songs utilized in brass band performances. In this style one of the foremost leaders is the famous bandleader, William Basie, or else known for his band, the Count Basie Orchestra. This style of jazz is yet popular today.

The Chicago Style of jazz started in the late year of 1917’s. Chicago, known as one of the premiere jazz locations in the country, drew several musicians from southern states as the prohibition forced people to move north looking for new places and jobs where they could play this new kind of jazz. Piano was added to the background of jazz music, creating an completely new sound known as Chicago Style jazz during this period.

World War II came & went transforming jazz still again. This era is while Bebop was born. Bebop fuses fast tempo along with changing rhythmic patterns and makes a lighter and softer sound. Bebop will frequently focus on a solo performer instead of the whole band.

Jazz is always changing, still retains part of its original formation at it roots. It is a musical style which changes along with the times and the several outlooks of its listeners. One reason that jazz remains famous and alive is its capability to adapt to the world it lives in.

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