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Financial Econometrics

This topic is not very easy to define. It is an interdisciplinary subject which includes various subjects and any attempt to give a formal definition is likely to be unsuccessful. In broader terms, financial econometrics is the study of quantitative problems which are arising from Finance. A variety of problems from Finance can be addressed through the use of statistical techniques and economic theory.

Areas under study are -

1.      Building ?nancial models

2.      Estimation and inferences of ?nancial models

3.      Volatility estimation

4.      Risk management

5.      Testing ?nancial economics theory

6.      Capital asset pricing

7.      Derivative pricing

8.      Portfolio allocation

9.      Risk-adjusted returns

10.  Simulating ?nancial systems and

11.  Hedging strategies

Various finance professionals are now routinely use sophisticated statistical techniques and modern computation methods in portfolio management, securities regulation, and financial consulting and risk management.

It is an active field which involves Finance, probability, economics, statistics, and applied mathematics.

Financial activities generate new problems for the subject, economics provides useful theories and quantitative methods like statistics, and probability and applied mathematics are necessary tools to solve problems in Finance. Professionals who are working in the finance industry use econometric techniques in a wide range of activities.

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