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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management refers to the science and analysis of various strengths provides with decision of selection between Debt Vs Equity, Growth Vs Safety etc.

Major tasks involved in Portfolio Management are -

  1. Taking decisions regarding investment mix taken and policies applied.
  2. Requires to match investments with objectives
  3. To balance between risk and returns

There are basically two types of portfolio management -

1.       Passive management which involves tracking of the market index or index investing on a regular basis by a person.

  1. Active management which involves active management by manager or team of managers who take investment decisions on the basis of research.

The basic idea of Investment Portfolio Management is applied to other industrial sectors as well-

Application Portfolio Management: It involves management of software applications in a portfolio. It is generally used in an IT company.

Product Portfolio Management: This type is used by companies that are developed and sold by businesses into (logical) portfolios.

Project Portfolio Management: It is also known as initiative portfolio management where management team decides for initiatives taken for the support of a product, product line or a business segment.

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