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Introduction to Mathematics Education

In existing education, the Mathematics Education is a practice of teaching and learning mathematics, along with the related scholarly research.

The researchers in mathematics education are mainly concerned with the tools, methods and approaches which facilitate practice or the study of practice. However mathematics education research is known on the continent of Europe as the didactics or pedagogy of mathematics, it has been developed into a widespread field of study, with its own theories, concepts, methods, conferences, national and international literature, & organizations.

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Objectives At various times and in different countries and cultures, the mathematics education has attempted to attain a variety of diverse objectives. These objectives involved:

  • The teaching of practical mathematics (i.e., arithmetic, plane and solid geometry, trigonometry) to most of the people, to equip them to follow a trade or craft.
  • The teaching of basic numeracy skill to all citizens.
  • The teaching of abstract ideas of mathematics (such as set and function) at an early age.
  • The teaching of several selected regions of mathematics (like Euclidean geometry) as an illustration of an axiomatic system and a model of deductive reasoning.
  • The teaching of several selected regions of mathematics (like calculus) as an illustration of the intellectual achievements of the modern world.
  • The teaching of advanced mathematics to public who desire to follow a career in Technology, Science, Engineering, and Mathematics fields.

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