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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is the branch of engineering which deals design, construction and science of aircraft and space craft. It has basic two fields or branches:

Aeronautical Engineering - It refers to craft that stays in Earth atmosphere.

Astronautical Engineering - It refers to craft that lie outside Earth Atmosphere.

Aerospace Engineering deals with science that lies behind forces and physics of rockets, aircrafts, space crafts and fly crafts. It includes specializations in navigation guidance, space satellites, and control systems and so on. Aerospace engineers needs to be physical fit and dedicated for their work.

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How students find good career opportunities with Aerospace engineering?

Aerospace engineering provides wide career opportunities to students. It is one the challenging fields in engineering and gives opportunities in defense, aviation and space exploration. These all sectors are generally dreams of students. We provide a helping hand in their dreams by assuring them improved academic performances. Aero engineers can get job opportunities in airlines, aircraft manufacturing units, air turbines and they work in aviation industry.

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