Introduction to Transceivers

Introduction of Cell phone:

Cell phones are also termed as wireless phones or mobile phones are hand-held phones with built- in antennas. Not like home phones, cell phones can be taken from place to place with a least of protest. This creates them a very good choice for people who wish to be in touching other people though while they are far away from the house.

Principles Of Cell Phones:

In fact cell phones are two-way radios, much similar to the walkie-talkies of the past, but very much advanced. While you talk into your cell phone receiver, the cell phone registers your voice and converts the sound into radio waves. These waves travel by the air until these waves arrives at a receiver that is generally found at a base station. This base station will send your call by a telephone network until it contacts the person you want to speak with. Likewise while someone places a call to your cell phone, the signal travels via the telephone network until it reaches a station that is near to you. The station transmits the radio waves out into the neighboring regions. After that these radio waves are picked up through your cell phone and converted into sound of a human voice.

Cell phones are a huge enhancement over the telecommunications technology of the past, and is every day becoming a fixture of current life. By using a cell phone is one of the first steps you have to obtain to participate efficiently in the rising global economy.

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