DC Armature Windings

Introduction to DC Armature Windings

There are two kinds of dc armature windings that are the lap and wave windings. For development of dc armature windings, a number of pitches related to the types of dc armature windings are back pitch, Front pitch and Winding pitch.

Back Pitch, Yb: Back pitch is the distance among the two active sides of similar coil under adjacent opposite poles. For double layer winding,

Equation: Yb = (2c/p) + K

Where K stands for = any integer or fraction, added or subtracted with 2C/P which will provide the value of Yb an odd integer.

Front Pitch, Yf: Front pitch is the distance among two coil sides connected to the same commutator segment. It has to be an odd integer.

Winding Pitch or Coil Pitch, Y: Winding pitch or coil pitch is the distance among starting ends of two consecutive coils expressed in terms of coil sides.

For a double layer winding, winding pitch has to be an even integer.

Y = + 2m  (for lap winding)

Y = (2C + 2m)/(P/2)  (for wave winding)

In which m = 1, 2, 3 for simplex, duplex and triplex windings correspondingly,

P stands for = number of poles, and

C stands for = number of coils. + Sign points out progressive winding and - sign points out retrogressive winding.

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