It is stands for "Hyper-Text Markup Language."  It is developed by Tim Berners-Lee in the year of 1990; HTML is the "hidden" code which helps us communicate along with others on the World Wide Web (WWW). Also known as hypertext documents, Web pages have to conform to the rules of HTML to be correctly displayed in a Web browser. The HTML syntax is depending on a list of tags that define the page's format and what is displayed on the Web page. Hyper is the opposite of linear. In the good old days – whereas a mouse was something the cat chased - computer programs linearly ran: while the program had executed one action it went to the next line and afterward, the next line and so on. However HTML is different - you can go wherever you desire and whenever you want. For instance, it is not required to visit before visiting

Mark-up is what you do along with the text. You are marking up the text the similar way you do in a text editing program along with bullets, headings and bold text and so on.

Luckily, the HTML language is relatively simple to learn. Even more luckily (so much for good grammar), various Web development programs let you to develop Web pages via a graphical interface. These programs let you to place objects and text on the page and the HTML code is written for you.

What Can I Do with HTML?

HTML coding is what makes your website look as a website, instead of just plain text. With HTML, you can do following:

  • Make a bulleted or numbered list.
  • Create titles, headings & subheadings.
  • Put text in bold or italics.
  • Delineate paragraphs.
  • And much more.
  • Add pictures and links to your site.

HTML Tags:

Tags are instructions that are directly embedded into the text of the document. An HTML tags starts with an angle bracket [<] and end along with a closing angle bracket [>].Some of the tags are shown below:


The HTML head tag describes a block where authors can declare information regarding the document, as the title, keywords, description etc., in addition to other data that's not considered to be document content. Usually browsers don't render this information (with the exception of the title). Before the body the head block is declared.


The HTML body tag embeds all of the documents’ renderable content. Among these tags are all the visual (for visual browsers) elements of the document.

  • Bgcolor: Defines a color as a background color. 
  • Background: The value of this attribute intend to the location of an image resource that will be used as background. The image usually tiles the background.
  • Text: Sets the foreground color for text.

Paragraph Tag [<P>]:

A blank line always separates paragraphs into the text. The tag provides this functionality is <P>. On encountering this tag the browser, moves on towards a new line, skipping one line among the previous line and the new line.

Line Break [<BR>]:

Whereas text needs to begin a new line and not continue on the similar line, the <BR> tag must be used. This tag just changes line of the text and begin on the next line without skipping a blank line.


• BOLD: To develop bold text, insert <B> and </B> tags. Any text falling among these two tags will seem in boldface type.
• ITALIC:  To develop italic text, insert an <I> tag in the document, followed via a </I> tag. Any text among these two tags will be displayed in italics whereas viewed by a browser.
• UNDER LINE: Underlined text can be displayed via the <U> and </U> tag pair. You must use these tags just when absolutely essential, as underlined text is not extensively supported by Web browsers.

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