Photochemical and biosynthetic phases

Photochemical and biosynthetic phases:

The pigments that are included in photosynthesis are termed as photosynthetic pigments. They are as follow:

1) Chlorophyll ‘a’,
2) Chlorophyll ‘b’,
3) Carotenoids,
4) Xanthophyll and
5) Phycobilins.

Magnesium is a necessary component for the creation of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll ‘a’ is a universal pigment available in the plants where water is one of the raw materials for photosynthesis. Chlorophylls are extremely proficient in absorbing solar energy and they are directly related to photosynthetic electron transport. Photosynthetic pigments rather than chlorophyll ‘a’ are usually termed as accessory pigments examples are chlorophyll ‘b’, carotenoids and xanthophyll, where chlorophyll ‘a’ is considered as primary pigment.

Photosynthetic pigments take place in the granum. They comprise the pigment system termed as photosystem. Approximately 250 to 400 pigment molecules are availabe in a photosystem. Two kinds of photosystems are observed in the granum. Photosystem I (PS I) comprises less accessory pigments and more chlorophyll ‘a’, whereas photosystem II (PS II) comprises more accessory pigments and less chlorophyll ‘a’. The basic function of photosystems is to trap light energy and after that converts it to chemical energy.  The energy absorbed through the accessory pigments is transferred to the chlorophyll ‘a’. The granal lamella in which the photosynthetic pigments are aggregated to carry out photosynthetic activities is termed as active centre.


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