Computer Organization or Architecture

Computer Organization or Architecture:

Computer Architecture:

Typically the word "architecture" refers to developing design and construction. In the computing world, "architecture" also refers to design, but rather then buildings, it defined the design of computer systems. Computer architecture is an extensive topic that includes everything from the relationship between multiple computers (such like a "client-server" model) to particular components inside a computer.

The most significant type of hardware design is a computer's processor architecture. The design of the processor finds what software can run on the computer and what other hardware components are supported. For instance, Intel's x86 processor architecture is the standard architecture utilized by most PCs. Using this design, computer manufacturers can built machines that include different hardware components, but run the similar software. Numerous years ago, Apple switched from the PowerPC architecture to x86 architecture to make the Macintosh platform more compatible with Windows PCs.

The architecture of the motherboard is also significant in determining what hardware and software a computer system will support. The motherboard design is frequently called the "chipset" and described what processor models and other components will work with the motherboard. For instance, whereas two motherboards may both support x86 processors, one may just work along with newer processor models. A newer chipset may also need faster RAM and a distinct type of video card than an older model.

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Computer organization:

Computer organization deals along with structural relationships that are not visible to the programmer (Such as clock frequency or the size of the physical memory).It is concerned with the way the hardware components operate and the way they are associated together to form the computer system. The different components are supposed to be in place ad task is to be an organizational structure. IL includes emphasis on the system components, circuit design, structure of instruction, logical design, processor control, computer arithmetic assembly programming and methods of performance enhancement.

Despite of variety and pace in the computer field, certain basic concepts apply consistently throughout. The application of these concepts based upon the current state of technology and the price/performance objectives of the designer. The purpose of the subject is to provide a thorough discussion of the basics of computer organization and architecture and to associates these to contemporary design issues.

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