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Introduction to GMAT:

The Graduate Management Admissions Test or simply known as GMAT is the test needed for admissions to almost all the reputed or esteemed MBA programs and also a rising number of other business related graduate educational programs.

The GMAT test is a reliable type of assessment which helps 'B-Schools' or business schools in estimating the capabilities and qualifications of the candidate; which are very important for advanced study in the field of business and management. It assists to regulate the basic verbal, mathematical and analytical writing abilities of the applicant.

The GMAT is a vital part of your application for two reasons.

1) It is possibly the single element of your application which admissions committees can make use of to objectively compare candidates. Things such as extramural participation, work experience and even GPA are frequently view as a subjective element of an applicant's contention.

2) The GMAT is one of the several handy facets of your application.  You can acquire a great GMAT score with conscientious preparation and practice.


In the year 1953, the organization now termed as the Graduate Management Admission Council or simply GMAC start as an association of nine business schools, whose main target was to build up a standardized test to assist business schools in choosing qualified applicants. In the former year it was offered, the evaluation (now termed as the Graduate Management Admission Test), was taken just over 2,000 times; in latest years, it has been taken more than 230,000 times yearly. Primarily employed in admissions by 54 schools, the test is now employed by more than 2,100 schools and 5,900 programs globally.

Why GMAT Exam is more preferred?

The GMAT exam is your most excellent primary step toward a career with a bang.

It is accepted by more than 6,000 business and management programs globally, for almost 60 years, the exam has been the test of preference by the world's business influential to get into the world's leading B-schools for one motive - it works. Quite simply, no other exam consents to you the platform to show your abilities that matter most in the business school class-room and in your career.

What is time for GMAT?

You can take the exam of GMAT year-round, almost any day of the week (although they limit you to 5 sittings in a 1-year period and need a wait of 31 days among tests). The exam is given on a computer and is termed as a 'CAT'.

Format and timing of GMAT:

The exam of GMAT comprises of four segments: The analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative segment and the verbal segment. The total time is three and a half hours; however test takers should plan for a net time of around four hours, including breaks. Test takers encompass 30 minutes for the analytical writing assessment and the other 30 minutes to work via 12 questions, which often encompass multiple choices, and on the integrated reasoning segment 75 minutes are given to work on 37 questions in the quantitative section and the other 75 minutes to get through 41 questions in the verbal segment.


Duration in minutes

Number of questions

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Should I go for GRE or GMAT for my business school application?

Till lately, the GMAT was obligatory for all business school applications. In recent times, though, this has been changing and some business schools will also accept either the GRE or the GMAT. Verify with your schools for their testing necessities and then call one of our educational consultants to argue an individualized testing plan.

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