High energy compounds

High energy compounds:

The Atp high energy compound. The another high energy compounds involve ADP, 1,3-diphospho glycerate, phosphoenol pyruvate and as well creatine phosphate.

The phosphate group of the high energy phosphate might transfer directly to other organic compound. Because of this reason the term group transfer potential is preferred through some high energy bond. Though, the phosphorylated compound may or may not comprise high energy phosphate bond, hence the total energy content of the molecule is higher as compared to a non phosphorylated compound.

Storage form of high energy compounds:

They are known as phosphogens and assist to store the high energy. The instance for this is the creatine phosphate availabe in the vertebrate muscles, the reaction acts in both directions it is a reversible reaction from ATP while ATP is needed. While ATP is more, creatine reacts with ATP and creates the phosphocreatine.


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