Digestion of Lipids

Digestion of Lipids:

Like all the enzymes take place in digestion are water soluble, lipids pose a special problem because of their insoluble nature. The difficulty of fat digestion is solved through emulsification of fats (that is) breaking of large fat particles to small particles like that there is an raise in the surface area that facilitates the interaction of fats along with the fat hydrolyzing enzyme lipase.

The fat’s Dietary sources are from animal also vegetable origin. Animal sources involve dairy products such as milk, butter, meat, pork, ghee, eggs and fish. Vegetable sources involve several oils for cooking. Vegetables sources are superior to animal sources due to the existence of the several polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Digestion in mouth:

Currently, a lingual lipase has been finding out in mouth. The optimum pH of it is 4 to 4.5. It works on the food in the stomach, in which it resides for some time. Lingual lipase is best appropriated to act on milk.

Digestion in stomach:

Gastric lipase works on triglycerides to some extent just due to

(a) No emulsification of fats occurs in the stomach.
(b) The quantity of enzyme exists is extremely low.
(c) It comprises an optimum activity at pH 7.8

Satiety value:

Fats delay the emptying rate of stomach, through inhibiting the gastric motility through the hormone enterogastrone. So they comprise a high satiety value (fillingness of the stomach).


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