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 Definition of Cost Accounting                                                  

Cost Accounting refers to a kind of accounting process that aims to capture a company's costs of production by evaluating the input costs of each step of production as well as fixed costs like depreciation of capital equipment. Financial accounting is a different demonstration of costs and financial performance that consist of company's assets and liabilities.

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How this Concept of Cost Accounting Works?

Cost accounting will first of all measures and record all the costs individually, then finally compare input results to output or actual results to support company management in measuring company's financial performance.

Need or Uses of Cost Accounting

1.       Cost accounting is used within a company by managers or top management to aid in decision making.

2.       Cost accounting is the most beneficial tool for management in budgeting and setting up cost control programs within the company.

3.       It also helps in improving net margins for the company in the upcoming future.  

How Cost Accounting helps in Careers of Students

1.       Cost Accounting provides very good career opportunities to students. They get excellent positions and compensations on behalf of this.

2.       Cost accountants are working for cost management, performance evaluation, budgeting, and asset management within a company or organization.

3.       They are collaborating as part of an executive team to generate financial plans for the organization.

4.       They are a working with the heads of companies to make strategies and plans for a company.

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