General Characteristics of d-Block elements

General Characteristics of D-Block elements:

Every elements of the D-block show identical properties due to the existence of similar electronic configuration of the outermost shell. The outermost shell configuration is ns2. Given below is a list of general properties like the atomic and ionic radii, and the ionization potentials noticed among the D-block elements.

Metallic character:

Every transition element is metals.

Atomic size:

The atomic size of d-block elements reduces from Sc to Zn due to rise in nuclear charge. Their atomic sizes are lower than that of s-block elements.

Ionization potential:

The I.P. values of transition elements are in-between those of s-block and p-block elements. This exhibits that they are more electropositive than p-block elements and less reactive than s-block elements. Due to in-between values I.P. they form ionic compounds and also covalent compounds.

Oxidation states:

Transition elements illustrate variable state oxidation in their compounds. The main reason of variable oxidation state is that there is much small energy difference in between (n-1) d and ns orbitals. As an outcome, electrons of (n-1) d orbitals and also ns-orbitals take part in bond arrangement. Variation in oxidation state is associated to their electronic configuration.


D-Block elements are very good conductor of heat and electricity.


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