Technology in online

Technology in Online Learning

I already have a wiki page so if you could just put the following in MSWord.

The content of the wiki page should include the following:

Functional categories that you can group similar tools under (e.g. group work and collaboration, communication tools, presentation tools, task management tools, etc.).

Provide information for at least 10 different tools and technologies that support work in an online course. Include URLs and describe each tool. Is it freely available or is there a charge? Describe the tool briefly including how it works, how it is typically used and by whom.

Provide suggestions and examples as to how you might use each tool to increase the quality of teaching and learning and/or support student success.

Include examples or scenarios for use of the tools in an online course.

Include information regarding any emerging technologies you feel will be useful in online courses in the near future either for instructional

use or for students to use to support learning and assignment completion.

Provide suggestions as to how students or instructors might use specific technology to make the learning content more engaging. Use a minimum of 3 scholarly sources, one of which may be your textbook. Be sure to cite sources using proper APA formatting.

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