Communication Channels

In this presentation assignment, you will visually explain the appropriate uses for various communication channels in online courses.

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Create a slide presentation

Create a six- to eight-frame presentation using the free Online Presentation tool, Prezi. If you are unable to access and use Prezi for any reason, you may create a PowerPoint but you must first communicate with your instructor for approval. Your presentation must include the following elements:

Description of each communication channel and how and when each may be used.

Specific examples for each communication channel and personal experiences if applicable.

Embed at least one relevant YouTube video in your presentation that enhances the content of the presentation.

Integrate a minimum of 3 scholarly sources and be sure to cite sources using proper APA formatting. Creativity is encouraged.

Step 2: Create presenter's notes

In a separate document, create a script or description of each frame of the Prezi presentation. Make sure you place the URL to your presentation in this document because this is the document you will submit to your instructor as your assignment. If you are approved to use PowerPoint your notes should be added to the slide notes area within the PowerPoint presentation, then submit the PowerPoint presentation as a single file.

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