Draw up a short mission statement for the hr function in an

1. Draw up a short mission statement for the HR function in an identified organisation you are familiar with consisting of five clear and distinct statements. Each should reflect your view of current and future priorities. Go on to justify your choice, making reference to major developments in the organisation's business environment.

2. You have been asked to advise a growing organisation which employs 75 people in office-based roles but which has no specialist, dedicated HR function. Managers are particularly keen to know how they can best evaluate the effectiveness of their HR activities and initiatives. Despite limited funds being available the organisation manages to provide some form of formal training and development opportunities for everyone each year, gives everyone an annual performance appraisal and seeks to involve staff through a consultative forum which all attend at least once a year. What advice would you give? Justify your answer.

3. Senior managers in an organisation decide that there is a need to enhance its reputation for ethical and professional dealings with all its stakeholders. You are asked to develop some ideas about what this may mean for the manner in which pay rates are determined. At present an informal approach is used where by individuals negotiate a starting salary when they are offered a job and subsequently see that increase as and when their line managers decide that a rise is deserved and affordable. Briefly critique the existing approach from an ethical standpoint. What sort of alternative system are you likely to recommend is adopted? Justify your answer.

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HR Management: Draw up a short mission statement for the hr function in an
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