Technology Issues

This discussion forum explores the many tools and technologies available for use in online learning and how you might use them to support student learning and success.

When examining tools for function, you may consider ways to increase opportunities for live interaction, or ways to provide lectures or content.

Other tools support collaboration and group work through communication, document management and version control, or offer time management tools and task trackers.

Some tools may be useful in helping individual learners prioritize and organize their school activities.

In this board, you are asked to find at least three different tools to support three different functions in online learning. For each of these functions, identify a tool that you are unfamiliar with or have not used before. In your posting describe:

A tool that an instructor might use to deliver a presentation. This might be a live presentation, or it may be available to learners any time anywhere.

A tool that can be used to support group work or student collaboration.

A tool that a student might use to support academic success when taking an online course.

In your posting, provide:

A link to each tool as well as;

A description of the various ways the tool might be used, and also include;

An example of how each tool can be used to support that function.

Finally, consider the applicability of this tool in your own online classroom. Would you find it useful? If so, how would you use it? If not, why not?

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