Kidney stone

Kidney stone (Calculus):

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                                 Figure: Excretory system                                     Figure: Stones in the bladder

The stone formation in kidneys, Ureters or Bladder, is generally caused by the precipitation from the solution of the substances in urine. Kidney and Ureter stones are more familiar than Bladder stones. The occurrence of stone formation is highest in summer months as the urine is more concentrated due the failure of fluid in the sweat. The stones tend to be a recurrent trouble. Chronic dehydration is the major cause for kidney stones.  Kidney stone consists mostly of calcium oxalate and/or phosphate.

Stone consists mostly uric acid and might take place in people with GOUT.

Bladder stone generally develops as an outcome of a diet which is low in phosphate and protein. The most general symptom of a stone in the kidney or ureter is renal cholic (i.e., a severe pain) and the symptom for the bladder stones manifest with complexity in passing urine. Stones in the bladder and lower ureter can be crushed and eliminated by cystoscopy or by ureterorenoscopy. The primary line of treatment is lithotripsy that disintegrates stones by focusing shock waves on them from exterior the body.


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