Database Management System

Database Management System (DBMS):

It is stands for "Database Management System”, a DBMS is a database program. Technically, this is software system that utilized a standard method of cataloging, retrieving, and running queries on data. The DBMS manages all of incoming data, organizes it, and give ways for the data to be modified or extracted through users or other programs.

Some of the DBMS instance includes MySQL, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, FileMaker, Oracle, dBASE, RDBMS, Clipper, and FoxPro. As there are so many database management systems available, this is significant for there to be a way for them to communicate along with each other. For this cause, most of the database software comes with an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver that permits the database to integrate with other databases. For instance, common SQL statements such like SELECT and INSERT are translated from a program's proprietary syntax to a syntax other databases can understand.

The Advantages of a DBMS:

Improved availability:

One of the fundamental advantages of a DBMS is that the similar information can be made available to different users.
Minimized redundancy:

In a DBMS the data is more concise, as a general rule, the information in it seems just once. This decreases data redundancy, or in other manner, the requirement to repeat the similar data over and over again. Therefore minimizing redundancy can decrease significantly the cost of storing information on hard drives and other storage devices. On the contrary, data fields are repeated commonly in multiple files whereas a file management system is utilized.


Accurate, consistent, and up-to-date data is a sign of data integrity. DBMSs foster data integrity as updates and modify to the data only ought to be made in one place. The probability of making a mistake are higher if you are needed to change the similar data in several different places than if you only ought to make the change in one place.

Program and file consistency:

By using a database management system, file formats and system programs are standardized. It makes the data files simple to maintain as the similar rules and guidelines apply across all kinds of data. The level of consistency across files and programs also makes it simple to manage data while multiple programmers are involved.


Data is simple to access and manipulate along with a DBMS than without it. In most of the cases, DBMSs also decreases the reliance of individual users on computer specialists to meet their data requirements.

Improved security:

As earlier stated, DBMSs permits multiple users to access the similar data resources. Generally this capability is viewed as advantage, but there are potential risks for the organization. Some of the sources of information must be protected or secured and only viewed by choose individuals. Through the use of passwords, database management systems may be utilized to restrict data access to only those who should see it.

The Disadvantages of a DBMS:

There are basically two main downsides to using DBMSs. One is cost, and the other the threat to data security.


Implementing a DBMS system may be costly and time-consuming, especially in big organizations. Training needs alone can be quite expensive.


Even along with safeguards in place, it may be possible for some of the unauthorized users to access the database. Normally, database access is an all or nothing proposition. Once an unauthorized user gets in the database, they have access to all of the files, not only a few. Depend on the nature of the data involved; in security these breaches can also pose a threat to specific privacy. Steps must also be taken to make backup regularly copies of the database files and store them due to the possibility of fires and earthquakes that might demolish the system.

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