Requirement Analysis Principles

Introduction to Requirement Analysis Principles

To performed requirement s analysis there must be some principles or guidelines to be followed. So there is a set of operational principles.

1. The information domain of a problem must be represented and understood.

2. The functions that the software is performing must be defined.

3. The behaviour of the software (as a consequence of external events) must be represented.

4. The model is essentially a depiction of information. Function and behaviour which must be partitioned in a manner that uncovers detail in layered (or hierarchical) fashion.

5. The analysis process should move form essential information toward implementation details. 

These principles are applied systematically. In addition to these operation analysis principles Davis in his book. Principles of software development have illustrated a set of six guiding principle s which are given below:  

1. Understand the problem before you begin to create the analysis model: there is a tendency to rush a solution, even before the problem is understood. This often leads to elegant software.

2. Develop prototypes that enable a use to understand how human/ machine interaction will occur an: To develop friendly and easy to use learn and understand, the interface prototyping are highly recommended.

3. Record the origin of and the reason for every requirement:  this is the first step in establishing traceability back to the customer.

4. Use multiple views of requirements: Building data functional and behavioural models provide the software engineer with three different views.

5. Ran requirements: Priorities should be given to the requirements which one will be processed first. If an incremental process model is applied, those requirements to be delivered in the first requirement must be identified.  

6. Work to eliminate ambiguity: Because mot requirements are described in a natural language, the opportunity for ambiguity abounds. The use of formal technical reviews is one way to UN cover and eliminates ambiguity.

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