Imperative Language

Introduction to Imerative Language

Imperative  language  are characterized by three concepts: various assignment  and sequencing. The state of an imperative program  is maintained in program  variables. These  variables are associated with  memory  locations characterized by an address (I- value )  and by a stored value (r-value). The  value  of a variable   is modified using  an assignment statement. The assignment statement introduces an order dependency into the  program: the  value of a variable  is different  before and after an assignment  statement . therefore the meaning  effect of a program  depends on the  order in which  the statements  are written and executed. So we can  state  imperative  languages as: 

Imperative  language are those  in which expressions  are computed and  accordingly their  results are assigned in the variables. These  language are  same as the most  of the  high level procedure  languages.

Because of their  characteristics. Imperative  languages  are also called  as state based   languages  and assignment  oriented languages.

Imperative  language are : C. C++, Modula 2 , Pascal ,BASIC etc.

Example7 . to find out  the addition of three numbers consider example  of C languages as shown  in fig  6.5,

Here initially res is calculated as the sum of num 1 and num2 and the  result of this expression res and num 3 are summed  up. This sum is stored in result 1 and at last that result  is displayed on the screen.

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