Cloning of Sheep

Cloning of Sheep (Mechanism):

356_cloning of sheep.jpg

                                                                Figure: Mechanism of cloning of sheep

Dr. Ian Wilmut has generated a cloned sheep termed as Dolly by nuclear transplantation technique. To generate cloned sheep he took the udder cell that is a somatic cell with diploid number of chromosomes. An egg cell was also eliminated from a donor sheep. The egg cell can’t grow into a new sheep on its own since it only has half a set of chromosomes (n). The body cell can’t grow into a new sheep on its own since it is not a reproductive cell. So udder cell nucleus (2n) was eliminated. Likewise the egg cell nucleus (n) was also eliminated. The nucleus of the somatic cell (i.e., Udder) was injected into the enucleated egg. The egg subsequent to the nuclear transplantation comes to hold full set of chromosomes namely the 2n diploid. The egg was then resettled back into the uterus of the sheep from which it was eliminated. The egg also can be transplanted to a new surrogate mother for development. The egg cell grows and developed into a sheep (Dolly). This cloned sheep is genetically the same to the donor sheep, which contributed the diploid nucleus of its somatic cell and not the sheep that contributed the egg cell.


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