Common Problems with SRS

Common Problems with SRS

According to by hooks in writing good requirements the following is a list of the most common problems in writing requirements:

Making  bad assumptions:  Bad assumptions typically  occur either  because  authors  of the SRS do not  have access to sufficient information  or the information  does not exist. It can eliminate by eliciting, analyzing and documenting the information.

Writing implementation (HOW) instead of requirements (WHAT): Requirement specifications should state WHAT is needed, not HOW to be provided.

Using incorrect terms: In a specification, there are some terms t be avoided and some terms that must be used in a very specific manner. The  standard terms  used in  contracts are shall  will  should  whereas terms  to be avoided  are support  but  not  limited to etc.

Using wrong language: Requirements should be easy to read and understand. Each requirement can usually in the format:

The system shall provide..............

The system shall be capable of................

The system shale weight..............

The system #1 shall provide...............

The system #2 shall interface with...............

Requirements should not be complicated by long winded explanations of operations, design or other related information.

Unverifiable requirements: Every requirement must be verified and so it important to address verification when writing the requirements.

Missing requirements: Missing items can be avoided by using a standard outline or template for SRS.

Over specifying:  Over specifying should be avoided with careful management review and control.

Software Requirements Specification Review

Software requirement specification review is the activity after elicitation, analysis and documentation. Karl Wiegers in his book software requirement call this activity as requirements verification and states that:

Verification ensures that the requirements conforms to the characteristics of excellent requirement statements (complete, correct, feasible necessary prioritized, unambiguous, verifiable) and of excellent requirements specification (complete, consistent, modifiable traceable,)

For maximum effectiveness review and verification  should  be treated  as single  activity to be done  at the end  at the end of the  preparation of this SRS by both  sides of people  software developer and customer. In such reviews, the SRS in carefully reviewed by a group of people including developers clients and users. So  the software requirements  specification review  is a review by a group  of people  to find errors and point  out other  matters of concern in the requirements specification  of  a system. The review group should also include the author of the requirements document, someone who understanding the needs of client a member of the design team and the person responsible for maintaining the requirements documents.

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