Chlorophyll is magnesium-porphyrin complex. The magnesium is at the centre of the altered porphyrin ring septeon (i.e., corrin). The oxidation state of magnesium is +2 (Mg2+). The modified porphyrin operates as the ligand.

There are various kinds of chlorophyll which differ slightly in their molecular structure.

In plants, chlorophyll ‘a’ is the pigment directly dependable for the transformation of light energy into chemical energy. Therefore in plants, the green pigment chlorophyll supports in photosynthesis. The conversion of atmospheric carbon dioxide and atmospheric moisture into carbohydrate and molecular oxygen in the presence of sunlight, by the plant is termed as photosynthesis. Chlorophyll acts as a light sensitizer in this important procedure.


Photosynthesis needs, in addition to chlorophyll, the aid of four other metal complexes, a manganese complex, two iron complexes and a copper complex.

All oxygenated animals take molecular oxygen via haemoglobin and liberate CO2. However chlorophyll helps in the conversion of atmospheric CO2 into molecular oxygen that acts as a fuel for human cell.



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