Advantages and Disadvantages of Prototyping

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prototyping


Advantage of prototyping includes:

  • Improved communication between the developers and the end users,
  • Increased user involvement ,
  • Ability to clarify hidden conflicting or ambiguous requirements ,
  • Quicker review of the SRS and,
  • Better expectation setting of end users.


Disadvantages of prototyping

  • A user may get disillusioned with a prototyping since the prototyping is not as robust as the system and does not contain the full functionality,
  • A user may confuse that the system is ready by looking at the prototype,
  • Developers may use prototype as an excuse to hack the code, rather than to gather requirements,
  • The cost of prototyping is added to the project and
  • Developers may start considering the prototype as a substitute for the documented SRS. Though prototyping is beneficial to many projects, the activity of prototyping needs to be carefully controlled.


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