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Introduction to Substituted Benzenes

The nomenclature of substituted benzene ring compounds is less systematic than of the alkanes, alkynes and alkenes. A small number of mono-substituted compounds are named through using a group name as a prefix to "benzene", as displayed by the combined names listed below in the diagram. A majority of these compounds, though, are referred to by singular names that are distinctive. There is no other alternative to memorization in mastering these names.

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Phenyl are two generally encountered substituent groups which include a benzene ring, the abbreviated form of it , is Ph-, and benzyl, its abbreviated form is  Bn-. These are displayed here with instances of their use. Be alert, not to confuse a phenyl (or can be pronounced fenyl) group with the compound phenol (pronounced feenol). A useful and usual generic notation that complements the make use of R- for an alkyl group is Ar- for an aryl group (any aromatic ring).

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When more than one substituent is having a presence on a benzene ring, relative locations of the substituents have to be selected by numbering the ring carbons or by some other notation. In the example of disubstituted benzenes, the prefixes that are para,  ortho, & meta are usually employed to indicate a 1,4- or 1,2- or 1,3- relationship correspondingly. In the subsequent examples, the first row of compounds defines this usage in the red color. Some disubstituted toluenes have singular names (foe example toluidine, xylene, &cresol) and their isomers are generally designated by the para,  ortho, or  meta prefix. Some disubstituted benzenes have singular names given to purticular isomers (example salicylic acid & resorcinol). At last, if there are three or more substituent groups, ring is numbered in such a way as to assign the substituents the lowest possible numbers, as demonstrated by the last row of illustrations. In the final name the substituents are listed alphabetically. If the substitution is symmetrical the numbering corresponds to the alphabetical order.

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