DHTML stand for Dynamic HyerText Markup Language is a combination of Web development technologies used to develop dynamically changing websites. Web pages can include dynamic menus, animation, and text effects. The technologies used involved a combination of JavaScript, HTML, or VB Script, CSS and the document object model (DOM).

Designed to increase a Web user’s experience, DHTML involved the following features:

  • Dynamic content, which let the user to dynamically modify Web page content
  • Dynamic style, which let the user to modify the Web page’s color, font, size or content.
  • Dynamic positioning of Web page elements

There are four parts to DHTML:


The DOM stand for  Document Object Model is what let you to access any part of your Web page to modify it with DHTML. Each part of a Web page is indicated by the DOM and by using its consistent naming conventions you can access them and modify their properties.


Scripts written in either ActiveX or JavaScript are the two most common scripting languages used to activate DHTML. You employ a scripting language to control the objects indicated in the DOM.

Cascading Style Sheets:

CSS stand for Cascading Style Sheets is used to control the look and feel of the Web page in DHTML. Style sheets describe fonts of text and colors, the background images and colors, and the placement of objects on the page. By using scripting and the DOM, you can modify the style of several elements.


XHTML or HTML 4.x is used to develop the page itself and build the elements for the CSS and the DOM to work on. There is nothing special regarding XHTML for DHTML - but having valid XHTML is even more significant, as there are more things working through it than only the browser.

Features of DHTML:

There are four main features of DHTML:

Changing the tags and properties:

It is one of the most common uses of DHTML. It let you to change the qualities of an HTML tag based on an event outside of the browser (like a time, mouse click, or date, and so on). You can employ it to preload information onto a page, and not display it unless the reader clicks on a particular link.

Real-time portioning:

Whereas most of the people think of DHTML this is what they expect. Images, objects and text moving around the Web page. It can let you to play interactive games along with your readers or animate portions of your screen.

Dynamic Fonts:

It is a Netscape only feature. Netscape developed it to get around the problem designers had with not knowing what fonts would be on a reader's system. Along with dynamic fonts, the fonts are encoded and downloaded along with the page, so that always the page looks how the designer intended it to.

Data binding:

It is an IE only feature. Microsoft developed this to let easier access to databases from Web sites. It is extremely similar to using a CGI to access a database, however uses an ActiveX control to function. This feature is extremely advanced and hard to use for the starting DHTML writer.

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