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Introduction to Applied Mathematics

The Applied mathematics is a class of mathematics which concerns itself with mathematical methods which are generally used in the field of science, business, engineering, and industry. Therefore, applied mathematics is a mathematical science with focused knowledge. The term "applied mathematics" also defines the professional area of expertise in which the mathematicians work on practical problems; as a profession focused on practical problems, applied mathematics focused on the study and formulation of mathematical models. In precedent, practical applications have motivated the development of mathematical theories, which afterward became the subject of study in pure mathematics, where mathematics is get developed mostly for its own sake. Therefore, the activity of applied mathematics is very connected with research in pure mathematics.

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Nowadays, the term "applied mathematics" is used in a broader sense. Applied Mathematics involves the classical regions above, and also in other regions that have become increasingly significant in applications. Even fields such as number theory which are the section of pure mathematics are now significant in applications (such as cryptography), however they are not usually considered to be section of the field of applied mathematics per se. At times, the word "applicable mathematics" is used to distinguish between the traditional applied mathematics which developed alongside physics and the several regions of mathematics which are applicable to the real-world problems these days.

There is no agreement as to what the numerous branches of applied mathematics are. This kind of categorizations is made complicated by the way mathematics and science modify over time, and also by the way universities organize courses, departments, and degrees.

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