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Introduction of Arithmetic

Arithmetic is an oldest and most elementary section of mathematics which is used by almost everybody, for the tasks ranging from simple day-to-day counting to the advanced science and business computations. It includes the study of quantity mainly as the outcome of operations which combine numbers. In ordinary use, refers to the simpler properties whenever using the traditional operations of arithmetic multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division with smaller values of numbers. The professional mathematicians at times uses the higher term arithmetic whenever referring to more advanced outcomes which is related to number theory however this must not be confused with elementary arithmetic.

Arithmetic operations:

Addition (+):

Addition is the fundamental operation of arithmetic. In its simple most form, the addition adds the two numbers, addends or terms, into a single number which is the sum or amount of the numbers.

Subtraction (-):

It is the opposite of addition. Subtraction finds the difference between two numbers; the subtrahend is minus by the minuend. Whenever the minuend is smaller than the subtrahend, the difference is negative (-ive); if the minuend is bigger than the subtrahend, the difference is positive (+ive); if they both are equivalent, then the difference comes to be zero.

Multiplication (× or · or *):


Multiplication is the second fundamental operation of arithmetic. The multiplication combines two numbers into a single number which is the product. The two numbers are known as the multiplier and the multiplicand, sometimes both in the simple way known as factors.

Division (÷ or /):

Division is the opposite of multiplication. Its discovers the quotient of two numbers, the dividend is then divided by the divisor. Any dividend which is divided by zero is undefined. For positive numbers, when the dividend is bigger than the divisor, the quotient is bigger than one, else it is less than one (the same rule applies for negative numbers). The quotient multiplied by the divisor is always results the dividend.

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