Transportation Law

Transportation Law:

Transportation or Transport Law encompasses federal & state laws governing the conveyance of passengers or goods, especially like a commercial enterprise, pertaining to the method and the means both. It involved, mass transit, highways, rail, maritime, aviation and motor carriers. It also covers hazardous materials, traffic safety and pipelines. Public carriers such like shipping and airlines lines are also subject to state and federal legislation. The laws that govern drivers are mainly state created and governed.

Transport law or transportation law is the area of law dealing along with transport. The laws can apply extensively at a transport system level or more narrowly to transport things or activities in that system such like vehicles, behaviors and things. Generally, transport law is found in two major areas -legislation or statutory law passed out or made by elected officials such as Parliaments or made through other officials under delegation case law decided through courts.

At a global transport system-wide level, transport laws can apply. A transport system can encompass a broad range of matters which make up the system. These involved-heavy and light rail systems by including associated land, infrastructure and rolling stock which include trams, trains and light rail vehicles:

•    roads comprise arterial roads, freeways and paths
•    vehicles comprise cars, buses, trucks and bicycles
•    waterways and ports
•    recreational vessels and commercial ships
•    Air transport systems and aircraft.

A transport system involved not only system infrastructure and conveyances, but also things like following-

•    strategic, business and operational plans
•    communication systems & other technologies
•    safety systems
•    schedules, timetables and ticketing systems
•    service components
•    labor components
•    Government decision makers like departments, Ministers, authorities, corporations, agencies and other legal persons.

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