Terminology Used In Coordination Chemistry:

(a) Lewis Acid:

Every electron acceptors are lewis acids.

(b) Lewis Base:

Every electron donors are lewis base.

(c) Central metal ion:

In complex ion an acceptor admits a pair of electrons from the donor atoms. The acceptor is generally a metal or metal ion to which one or more of neutral molecules or anions are joined. The acceptor metal cation is termed to as central metal cation. Therefore, central metal cation in a complex serves as lewis acid.

(d) Oxidation state:

This number symbolizes the charge; elucidating the number of electrons it has lost to form the cation. It is an oxidation number which denotes the charge, when the central metal atom would have, if all the ligand in the complex were eliminated all along with their electron pairs which were shared with the central atom. It is generally symbolized by Roman numeral.

(e) Ligand (i.e., Latin word meaning to bind):

The ligand is an ion or a molecule capable of functioning as an electron donor. Thus the neutral molecules or ions that are directly attached to the central metal ion are termed as ligand (or) coordination groups. Such coordination groups or ligands can contribute a pair of electrons to the central metal ion (or) atom. Therefore, in a complex compound ligands perform as Lewis bases.


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